Dog of the Year Winners

Dog's Name: Misty
Sponsored By: Donna Gay Dillon
Placed: 1

It was a misty morning on a misty mountain in misty Cumberland, MD when “MISTY MORINING” came into our lives.  Just a month before, we had lost our black standard Poodle” Shadow” to bloat.  We had her for 11 years and within an hour she was gone, leaving a gaping hole in our lives.  Heartbroken, Joan called a friend who put her in touch with her breeder, who just happened to have two 9 week old black standard poodle puppies that were available.  We agreed to meet him at a show in Cumberland, MD.  Two identical black poodle puppies. How do you choose?  The breeder, seeing our predicament and knowing of our current loss and our emotional state, handed Joan a puppy and said “This is the cure” He was so RIGHT.  “Misty” loves the Ocean City Dog park and anyone who sits on those benches, people or doggie alike, becomes her friend and fair game for kisses.  She is our pet, friend and companion and we love her so much. She got us through a very tough time and we are so thankful for finding her. Just can’t get enough of that puppy love!

Dog's Name: Lily
Sponsored By: Dog and Kitty
Placed: 2

Lily exemplifies the quality that all humans should posses to make this world a better place. She loves everybody!!!  She is great with children and adults. She even shares playtime with her Kitty Cat Gabriel.  Lily and I intend to pursue a certificate in pet therapy and someday hope to visit children’s hospital and senior citizens.  There is one last thing I would like you to know about Lilly.  Since I brought Lilly home two years ago, I get to wake up to happy kisses in the morning, the sunshines brighter, the flowers smell sweeter and the birds sing louder and she makes my life better every day.  AH yeah, She is awfully cute too!  Lily also has a good puppy certificate from certified puppy training class and Finally- my world is a better place having her in my life!

Dog's Name: Jamie and Murphy
Sponsored By: Ocean City Coffee Co
Placed: 3

Jamie and Murphy should be DOGS OF THE YEAR because they are Dogs of Everyday. They are the official good-will ambassadors of our neighborhood. They greet strangers as if they were long-lost friends. They have served as nurses to sick relatives; office assistants when they go to my office to “help mommy”; and guardians of our cats.  They especially love the summer months because that is when the children come to visit their relatives. Jamie and Murphy lie on top of a raised lawn, and wait for the children to come and sit in a circle around them.  That is when the kissing, tickling and nuzzling start. They awake each morning with excitement to see what adventures the new day will hold for them!