Dog of the Year Winners

Dog's Name: Riley and Bailey
Sponsored By: Grace Realty, OCNJ
Placed: 1

Our dogs should be chosen as “Dog of the Year” because Bailey and Riley are each a ball of fun. We had to pick both of them--how could we pick just one? There is never a dull moment in our house throughout the day. They jump, and they run, and they kiss and they play. They make all kinds of noises and really are cute. Even under the covers when they start to toot!! They are always together and never apart. They love our family with all of their hearts. Two better friends you never will find. Bailey and Riley are one of a kind!!

Dog's Name: Bailey
Sponsored By: Island Grill Seafood & Steak House, OCNJ
Placed: 2

My dog should be chosen as “Dog of the Year” because she has recovered completely (& we hope permanently) to 2 experimental surgeries ($8,800) at the University of Penn for a leaking lymph duct, which required heart surgery! Bailey is a 7 yr. old Cardigan Corgi. She is a very intelligent dog, very well behaved, & she loves people, especially little children. She loves to beg for treats by sitting up like a Russian Bear! She has steps up to our bed so she can sleep between us with her own pillow!

Dog's Name: Benji
Sponsored By: French Real Estate , OCNJ
Placed: 3

My dog should be chosen as a “Dog of the Year” because he was in bad need of a home. Benji came to Ocean City unloved and unsettled. He did not seem to fit into any home that he was placed in. He must have been misunderstood because he is very loving, playful, and almost perfect in every way. He is an incredibly good jumper and can also climb, run and catch like a pro. Benji proudly holds a job at French Real Estate. He is the “Official” greeter and warmly welcomes the visitors to his Island home. Most of all what makes Benji so special is his big heart and deep soul, which he shares freely with everyone he meets. He so deserves this honorable recognition for overcoming adversity and being such an important member of our family and community.