Dog of the Year Winners

Dog's Name: Mae
Sponsored By: Donna-Gay Dillon
Placed: 1

Mae is a black Standard Poodle. Mae is our “therapy” dog.  Not in the traditional sense of a therapy dog, but as a healer of hearts.  When I lost my dear Basset, Pearl, Mae entered our lives and showed us why we should always have a beloved pet in our homes. This Sweetheart is a joy to watch romp and interact with children and other dogs. Mae’s life has jumped up a pace since we received our OC Paw Pass.  Our trips to the Dog Park are highlights of our time here.  Please vote for our special pet, family member, and friend.    A VOTE FOR MAE IS A VOTE FOR LOVE.

Dog's Name: Putter
Sponsored By: Johnson's Appliance and Bedding
Placed: 2

Putter is a very friendly and loving Bischon Frise. She has a delightful disposition and is extremely intelligent. She enjoys meeting new people and other dogs. Putter is very well liked by all my neighbors and their animals. Putter has a special friend who is wheel chair bound. She loves to visit her and gives her lots of kisses. She has brought a lot of joy to her friend. It is a delightful time for both of them. I am active in the Humane Society of OceanCity and have participated in their activities. Recently, Putter was involved in Bark on the Boards. Please vote for me for OceanCity Dog of the Year 2010!!!!

Dog's Name: Jake
Sponsored By: Uncle Bill's Pancake House
Placed: 3

Jake, a German Shorthair Pointer, is one of the friendliest and regal dogs I have ever owned. We have had dogs all our lives. He is so do cue and gentle and just loves everyone as witnessed at the dog park with other dogs. He has never done anything I would not be proud of. He loves children and we visit the schools to let children pet and play with him. He loves dogs, we have my kids, three dogs, almost every weekend all four of us get along great. All my friends love Jake and when I go to the office they can’t wait to talk and pet him. I thank God we found the Dog Park, we never knew it existed, I encourage everyone with dogs to join the contest and we will support the Park in any way we can. Jake can’t wait to go and play.