Dog of the Year Winners

Dog's Name: Wesley Bass
Sponsored By: Berger Realty @ 55th Street
Placed: 1

Wesley Bass is a year round resident of Ocean City’s north end. Wesley is a 3 year old purebred Australian Shepard that came from an awesome breeder in Batavia NY!

This Breed is known for their loyalty and intelligence. As working dogs they have assisted their masters working long days and nights herding and protecting sheep and cattle. Here in Ocean City where the sheep are few and very far between “Wes” is a very active and out going dog who makes friends very easy! He can be seen up and down the north end playing catch in the park or on the beach. Wes is being trained for therapy and is soon to be a regular visitor to Wesley manor. Wesley has a following of friends (FOW”S) and family who walk, ride bikes and run each and every morning along the beach and boardwalk. Wesley Bass should be considered for dog of the year because Wes and his owner “Buzz” are very responsible owners who are considerate of the community and the property owners. Wes and Buzz are always looking to be model citizens and will strive to keep America’s Favorite Family Resort dog friendly by participating and volunteering to help as needed!

Dog's Name: Hoagy
Sponsored By: Berenato's Deli
Placed: 2

Hoagy is an Ocean City native. Adopted from the OC Humane Society Shelter, He was the runt of the litter of eleven pups and weighed only 6lbs at eight weeks. Abundant sunshine, long walks on the beach, fresh air, love & attention, and an ample diet supplemented with bites of hoagies, cheese steaks, pizza crust & other fine cuisine, helped him become the 85lb happy boy he is today. He likes long walks, rolling in the grass, car rides& body surfing. He thinks that when everyone comes back in the spring it’s a party in his honor. He will ”High Five”, “Low Five” and “raise his Hand” to ask for a cookie. He loves our mailman, and never met a person or a dog he didn’t like. His best buddy is a 13lb Chihuahua/dachshund mix named Rico.

Dog's Name: Diesel
Sponsored By: Uncle Bill's Pancake House
Placed: 3

Diesel is truly our “Dog of The Year”! Diesel has lived on West Avenue in Ocean City for the past two summers and he is the “Prince of West Ave”. Everyone knows him and stops us to tell us how cute and sweet he is. Diesel truly represents the Ocean City community because he takes pride in all Ocean City has to offer. He loves Shrivers fudge. Diesel has a sparkling personality and is playful with everyone he meets. He is gentle and loves children and other animals. Diesel’s favorite past times are lying in the sun, swimming at the Jersey Shore, and playing with his ”Jersey Shore” friends at the Ocean City Doggie Park! Diesel would be the best choice for “Dog of The Year” because he is lovable and truly a “people’s pug”!