Dog of the Year Winners

Dog's Name: Maggie May
Sponsored By: Brian Kolmer @ Berger Realty
Placed: 1

Hey! My name is Maggie May. I am a Gordon Setter. Won’t you please vote for me? I am as sweet as my picture, and I was even born on St. Valentine’s Day! My sever year old brother, Buddy, even loves me, although at first he just wanted me to go back to where I came from.

I would love to be the DOG OF THE YEAR! I just can’t wait to play in the new dog park at 45th and West. So how about it? Place your vote in my favor!!!

Dog's Name: Jay-Jay
Sponsored By: Catherine
Placed: 2

My dog should be chosen as a contestant for “Dog of the Year” because…. not only does Jay-Jay love to romp around Ocean City, but he also loves to help the hounds of Ocean City that are less fortunate than himself. For the past 3 years he has participated in the HSOC’s annual ‘Barks on the Boards’ fundraiser event. Not only has he enjoyed the fun of the event, but also for the last 2 years (2006&2007) Jay-Jay has been named Barks on the Boards ’top fundraiser! This year alone he raised about $1,300 for the HSOC. In addition to being such a “doganthropic” pooch, Jay-Jay loves to meet new dogs at the OCDP, and is always greeted with lots of belly rubs when he frequents his favorite store, “The Animal House” on Asbury Avenue. All in-all, this 8-pound Yorkie has the heart of a dog twenty times his size-and is pretty darn cute, too.

Dog's Name: Sammy
Sponsored By: Wayne and Barb Doctorman @ The Islander
Placed: 3

Our Sammy has personality plus and keeps us entertained all day long. Sammy starts his day by waking my husband up at 5 AM. He does this by putting his paw on my husband until he gets him out of bed. As soon as my husband moves away from the bed Sammy immediately jumps in his spot resting his head comfortably on my husband’s pillow. Sammy won’t go downstairs in the morning until I do. He then goes outside and brings the newspaper in for me. Sammy’s favorite activities include playing fetch with his ball (if you can get it away from him….he has a way of holding onto it with his front paws which really gives him a tight grasp).

Sammy starts his day with a good game of tug-of-war with our other two dogs and then goes for a walk. However, when he thinks we’ve walked far enough, he lets me know by first looking up at me and then sitting down and refusing to move until I agree to turn around and head home! Sammy also never passes up the opportunity to jump in the car and go for a ride. He has “claimed” his seat in our van. Sammy also loves ponytails--if someone sits on the floor and has their hair in a ponytail-it only takes Sammy a minute to spot it and pull it out! Sammy is awesome!!!