Dog of the Year Winners

Dog's Name: Scruffy
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Placed: 1

Scruffy happened into our yard during a cold Kansas City twister, homeless and abused. Our Samoyed, Bear, took to him and they became best friends. For the past 10 years he's been a blessing. Now full time residents of Ocean City, Scruffy and Bear are living the good life.
Scruff loves a walk on the beach, a dig in the sand and watching over Bear who is 14 now.

Dog's Name: Sandy
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Placed: 2

Sandy is a very affectionate and well behaved dog and the best dog you could ever ask for.
We got her at the Ocean City Humane Society and I think she would really love to be Dog of the Year. So please think about her when you choose!
P.S. She's a 4 year old "Shiba Inu".

Dog's Name: Muffin
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Placed: 3

Muffin should be "Dog of the Year" because she changes attitudes and hearts of the people she meets.
Her gentle nature has a positive affect on others. As a Doctor I am with many ailing people. She does house calls with me and actually helps with people's recovery through her amazing spirit. Many people tell me she is an "Old Soul".
Muffin is our 20 lb "Natural Healer".