Cape May County/Ocean City Dog Park
45th Street & Haven Avenue
Ocean City, NJ





  • ♦ Please utilize the Dog Park in a responsible manner at all times!
  • ♦ All dogs utilizing the Park must be registered with the city of Ocean City prior to use. If violators are found, your priviliges may be revoked and you could be subject to a fine
  • ♦ Please note that passes are not transferable between owners
  • ♦ The owners of any dog assumes all liability for damages suffered by anyone who is bitten or injured by your dog while utilizing the Park or any dog that you have allowed into the Park with your pass
  • ♦ Remove leashes only in the designated "Unleash Area" 
  • ♦ Dogs must be supervised by persons eighteen (18) years or older at all times 
  • ♦ No unattended dogs are permitted in the Park at any times - abandoning animals is prohibited by law
  • ♦ No more than two (2) dogs are permitted at one time in the park 
  • ♦ Accompany and monitor your dogs closely at all times - always have a leash available and ready for use as may be required 
  • ♦ No children under the age of eighteen (18) are permitted in the Park unless they are accompanied by an adult 
  • ♦ Please clean up after yourself and your dogs - scoop bags are available in the park   
  • ♦ Aggressive dogs are prohibited in the park - reported cases will result in the loss of park privileges   
  • ♦ Dogs that are in heat or that are sick are prohibited in the Park 
  • ♦ Please closely monitor unneutered dogs at all times! 
  • ♦ All dogs must be licensed and properly immunized  
  • ♦ The use of heartworm and tick prevention products are highly recommended 
  • ♦ Puppies over six (6) months of age must have full immunizations to utilize the Park 
  • ♦ Puppies under six (6) months are not permitted in the Park 
  • ♦ No prong (pinch), choke or spike collars are permitted in the Park 
  • ♦ Please discourage yur dogs from digging any holes 
  • ♦ Please help us keep the park safe for others use 
  • ♦ No smoking, alcohol, food or glass containers are permitted in the Park 
  • ♦ Professional dog trainers are not permitted to use this facility for training purposes without written permission from the city


Once you and your dog get to the Dog Park, it's tempting to just stand back and watch all the activity. But everybody will have a much more rewarding time, if you observe some basic rules.  Dog parks aren't a right, they're a privilege.... please don't let bad behavior ruin things for everyone else who utilizes the Park, both now and in the future
  • • Always keep your eye on your dog. Mischief can happen quickly. Remember that you are responsible for your dog's actions!
  • • Never leave your dog unattended. Always be aware of what is going on in the Park
  • • Always clean up after your dog. "Pooper Scooper" bags are provided, please utilize them as may be required. This is the primary reason that dog parks get complaints nationwide, so please pay close attention to your dog and properly pickup their waste before leaving the facility
  • • Please make sure your dog is current on all immunizations (Rabies) and has a valid dog license
  • • Don't bring dogs younger than six (6) months old to the dog park. They have not had all of the necessary innoculations that allow them to play safely with other animals in the Park
  • • Don't bring a female dog in season. Spayed/neutered animals are recommended
  • • Don't bring more than two (2) dogs at a time to the Park. More than two (2) will subject the park to overuse and you will have a more difficult time trying to monitor your dogs as they play
  • • Keep your dog on-leash until you get to the designated off-leash areas. This is not just respectful to other park users; it's much safer for you and your dog
  • • If your dog becomes unruly or plays to rough, please leash him/her and leave the Park immediately, until such time that your dog is back under control and has settled down
  • • If you must bring children eighteen (18) years or younger, please be sure to supervise them closely. They are not permitted to run around the Park unsupervised by an adult
  • • Please do not smoke or eat while in the Dog Park. Cigarette butts and food wrappers are tempting treats to visiting dogs and local wildlife and insects
  • • Bringing unregistered dogs to the Dog Park is strictly prohibited
  • • Please remember that if you permit an unregistered dog to enter the Park with your pass, you have now accepted full responsibility and liability for the dog's actions. Violators of this policy may be subject to fine and risk the loss of Park privileges
  • •A maximum of three (3) dogs are permitted in the Dog Run area at one time

How to Enter & Exit the Dog Park

The Cape May County/Ocean City Dog Park is divided into three (3) separate fenced-in areas, providing maximum safety for your dog. When entering and exiting these designated areas, please always remember to CLOSE THE GATES SECURELY BEHIND YOU AND YOUR DOG. Open gates defeat the purpose of the security provided by the fenced-in areas. Please note that the outer gates are electronic and the use of the access swipe card will be required for both entering and exiting these areas.
You enter and exit each of the area through the double-gated vestibules. These vestibules are designed with two (2) gates to provide maximum control over your dog and other dogs as you enter and leave the fenced-in areas. If someone is ahead of you, please wait your turn before entering this area. PLEASE NOTE THAT AN ACCESS PASS IS REQUIRED TO BOTH ENTER & EXIT THE PARK. The gates have magnetic locks that will secure the gate in a locked position once you have passed through it. If you become locked into the Park, seek help from either another participant in the Park and ask the Police Department for assistance.

Opening only one gate at a time makes the vestibules a kind of "doglock", sort of like an airlock on a spacecraft.  After closing the outer gate, you should remove your dog's leash and remain in the vestibule while you observe the behavior of dogs already in the off-leash area.  If the behavior is friendly, carefully open the inner gate and enter; if the behavior is unfriendly, put the leash back on your dog and go to the vestibule of another area that might be less congested.

The dog park fencing contains two (2) service gates located at the rear of the park. These gates provide access for the City's maintenance and landscape crews and their equipment. They are NOT intended for use by park visitors and their dogs and are to be kept locked unless in use by authorized personnel. If you find an unlocked maintenance gate, PLEASE NOTIFY THE CITY as soon as possible @ (609) 525.9356 during normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm, legal holidays excluded).

PLEASE DO NOT enter the fenced-in, off-leash areas through the rear service gates. These gates do not provide the control that you need to have over the dogs while entering or exiting the Park. Additionally, dogs already in the off-leash area, including dogs that might be unfriendly toward your dog, might escape as you enter the Park through these unauthorized service gates.

How to Enter the Dog Park

  • • Before opening the outer gate, please check to be sure that the inner gate is properly closed and that no other dogs are in this area
  • • Open the outer gate with your swipe access card (Paw Pass) and enter the vestibule with your dog on-leash.
  • • Close the outer main gate behind you and be sure that it is properly secured
  • • Remove your dog's leash. Having your dog on a leash when confronting an off-leash dog can be a recipe for trouble - your dog may feel vulnerable and fearful, as well as the need to protect you. Tugging on the leash puts your dog at a disadvantage with other dogs. It is restrained but placed in a chest-out, raised-up aggressive pose that can cause the off-leash dog to feel threatened by the overall situation
  • • Before you open the inner gate, check to be sure that the inner gate area is not congested with excited dogs waiting to pounce on your pup or trying to get out as you enter
  • • Pay close attention to the receptions from the dogs already inside the park area - is it favorable or not? If the dogs already inside aren't friendly, put the leash back on your dog and go to the vestibule of another area that may be open or not as congested at that time
  • • Open the inner gate. Enter the off-leash area with your dog
  • • Close the inner gate properly behind you and move your dog away from the entrance area

How to Exit the Dog Park

  • • Before you open the inner gate, please check to be sure that the outer gate is properly closed and that any other dogs aren't trying to leave with you
  • • Open the inner gate and enter the vestibule with your dog
  • • Close the inner gate properly behind you and ensure that the latch is in the downward position.
  • • Put the leash securely on your dog
  • • Open the outer gate with your swipe card and exit from the vestibule with your dog. Please note that you must utilize your swipe card to exit the Park. Unfortunately, some individuals have been locked into the Park due to the fact that the individual that permitted them access to the Park had already exited the facility. If you become locked into the Park, seek help from either another participant in the Park and ask the Police Department for assistance
  • • Close the outer gate behind you and please be sure that it is properly secured. The latch is electronic and should lock on its own once it has been closed

Ocean City Dog Park Association’s Mission Statement:

To create a fenced-in, off-leash dog park where well behaved canine citizens can exercise in a clean, safe environment without endangering or annoying people, property or local wildlife. To develop a beautiful and well-maintained space open to dog lovers and friends who are willing to uphold the park's rules and regulations. To view the park as a community project in partnership with the County of Cape May and the City of Ocean City designed to satisfy the needs of dog owners and non-dog owners alike. To promote education, training and recreational activities that facilitate responsible dog ownership and better-behaved dogs through the use of volunteers and professional dog trainers.

Visit our website for news on current events, memorials, and volunteer information @ and

When visiting the dog park, you may see volunteers wearing Ocean City Dog Park Associatio "Pet Patrol" hats.  Please feel free to ask these individuals any questions you might have concerning the Park and its use. These individuals are very familiar with the park rules and are committed to its management and future success.


Ocean City Animal Control Officer and the Ocean City Police Department